Be Ye Holy, A sermon series considering the Book of Leviticus

Fire reflected in rippled water

A sermon series on the book of Leviticus.  The first sermon can be found here.

The central and defining attribute of our God is his holiness.  “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty!” the angels of heaven call to one another around the throne of God (Isaiah 6).  God is holy, but he also demands that his people be holy (after all, we are created in his image and are to be like him).  The Book of Leviticus is about God’s call to be holy as he is holy – to recognize our unique standing as his people and to come to reflect his character.  But it is also a book about Jesus Christ.  For ultimately Christ is our holiness.  He is our sacrifice, our priest, the embodiment of the holiness of God in human flesh.