Building Addition Progress

Our Hasten the Day campaign has led to this: construction on our 6,000 square foot addition is underway!  Much has already been done, and there is still much to do.  Work will continue throughout 2018.  Please keep our workers and this entire project in your ongoing prayers.  This addition will provide much needed classroom space, bathrooms, a large meeting room complete with kitchenette and bathroom, and much, much more.  This plan will also free up much of our existing space (such as fellowship hall and the music room) for much more effective use.  The space will be used by all the ministries of the church, including our thriving Childcare ministry, but it will provide dedicated church spaces as well – enabling important weekday activities like funeral dinners, group meetings, and other activities that are simply impossible in our existing space currently.  We are very grateful for the generosity and support of our congregation that has made this possible and ask that you continue to labor in prayer until the work is completed.