Building Expansion Fact Sheet

A Fact Sheet In Response to Frequently Asked Building Expansion Questions


This addition:

  • Will be used by the church for all its ministries.
  • Solves the funeral dinner problem, giving us multiple options on site for dinners large or small.
  • Provides adequate Sunday school space for current and planned classes.
  • Regains the use of fellowship hall for all functions without the expense and time of set-up/tear down.
  • Provides for rooms available during the day for all ministries of the church (not currently possible).
  • Allows for the corner choir room to function for church use.
  • Allows for the possibility of youth ministry space.


The addition essentially provides for everything we currently need and expect to need in the next several years.  The only wishes not addressed in the current plan are:

  • Expanded fellowship hall space and kitchen space (this need is mitigated by large meeting room with auxiliary kitchen)
  • Additional office space
  • But we can’t do everything in one addition…


Additional items of information:

  • We received some helpful feedback following the recent presentation that has been incorporated into the plan such as changes to the auxiliary kitchen and changes to the opening of the bathroom entry.
  • Our initial plan was to build without acquiring any new debt. Holding down costs and minimizing debt remains an important principle to the church’s leadership, but we simply are unable to build all that we believe we must build at this time without taking on any debt at all.  The good news is that giving has risen even faster than was hoped and prayed for!
  • We are grateful for the congregation’s response and we will now be moving forward with the building plans. Please keep the project in your prayers as we move forward.