Celebrating Christmas: A Satanic Distraction?

I was just emailing with one of our members.  We were thinking about how to keep God the central focus of worship (odd that that even needs to be considered, isn’t it?).  She said something that got me thinking.

It’s just like, Christmas.  You do all this planning, eating, shopping, decorating, wrapping, traditions, advent calendars, church, etc. Yet it is possible to go through all of it and not give a moment’s thought to the coming of Christ – the one thing the whole thing is really supposed to be about.  It is almost, she said, like it is all a Satanic plot to distract us from the real thing.

That is no joke.  He does work that way.  I realized after stuffing my head full of turkey and pumpkin pie and trying to play football with my brothers and nephews at Thanksgiving that it is possible to celebrate Thanksgiving without spending more than a moment of prayer before dinner actually giving thanks.  A Satanic distraction? No joke, that.

Where else is this true?  Being distracted from praying while I pray?  Distracted from considering God’s Word while I consider God’s Word?  That Satan is a wily fella.

Don’t just celebrate Christmas.  Celebrate Christmas.  Christ’s coming.  Don’t let jolly red elves (or wily red imps) distract you from that.