Dinner for Eight

It’s time again for “Dinner for Eight”-an opportunity here at Mt. Pleasant Church to get to know one another better.
Groups of 8 (4 Couples, or 2 couples and 4 singles, etc.) will meet for dinner once a month for 4 months. The group will gather at one group member’s home one month, another’s home the next month, and so on.
The host provides the main course; the others bring side dishes and dessert. If someone is unable to host a gathering in their home, the group can meet twice in another’s home.
Individuals are encouraged to participate and may sign up alone or with a friend with whom they would like to attend. “Dinner for Eight” will run from March to June. Your group will schedule your own dinner dates/times during these months.
 To sign up, please call or email Amy Herbster: (724) 683-0363/ [email protected]