Exodus: Out of Egypt

Exodus - Out of Egypt

The Book of Exodus is far more than fodder for Hollywood Motion Pictures (though it has clearly been that – from Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner to today’s Christian Bale version).  It is the pivotal Old Testament narrative of God’s gracious redemption of his people from bondage.  As such, it powerfully foreshadows the much greater redemption that Christ accomplished for his people – freeing them from sin, death, and hell.  It is the story of Moses, the most humble man who ever lived, who knew God face to face, who offered to die for his people.  But it is also the story of a much greater prophet like Moses, who fulfilled all which Moses anticipated.  It is the story of the gracious revelation of God’s character and nature in his holy law, showing us what it means to live to please him, and pointing us to the one who would actually fulfill God’s holy law on our behalf.  Ultimately, Exodus, which means “coming out,” is the story not just of Israel’s coming out of Egypt, but our deliverance in Christ.

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