Ezekiel: The Glory of God through the Son of Man

Ezekiel – The Glory of God through the Son of ManView the first sermon here.

Ask a hundred people what their favorite book of the Bible is and I bet not one says Ezekiel. It is a weird book (I mean…a really weird book). It is apocalyptic literature – full of symbols, visions, and images. He is prophesying during an obscure and complicated period of history – the Jewish exile in Babylon (a context that the average bible reader understands about as well as, say, the history of ancient Mongolia). It is a book full of bizarre enacted parables (cooking dinner over human excrement? Yikes!). And yet…it is a book inspired by the Holy Spirit and in every way profitable (2 Timothy 3:16). It is a book that brings into focus God’s glory, man’s sinfulness, and the work of God to bring dry bones back to life. It is about the gospel of Jesus Christ. And you will be edified by giving ear to what the Spirit says through Ezekiel.  (Series ran from September to December, 2013).