Fabulous February!

February brings with it the promise of Spring being “right around the corner” says Punxsutawney Phil!  We celebrated Monday the 3rd with a party!  We ate little ground hog treats, hid in a hole and played flashlight tag.  Our next party is happening on the 14th, when we will be celebrating Valentine’s day.  All parents and children should make a box in which to hold all their cards and treats.  Please have them here by Tuesday the 11th.  If you are unable to provide a box. please let us know, and we will provide one for you.  If you want every child to receive something from your child,  you will need about 60 cards or treats.   Please remember, no peanut products.  Do not put names on the envelopes, but have your child’s name on the card.  This makes the distribution go more smoothly.

We will also be learning the letters N and O, and will end the month with a Story Book Week.

We have recently added some new part time staff.  Please welcome Kiara Stadnik, Daphne White, and Dina Pushak when you see them.  We are excited to have them join us.