In the Wilderness, A Sermon Series on the Book of Numbers 

In the Wilderness.  We call the book “Numbers.”  It is that – there are lots of numbers in Numbers.  That title tells remarkably little about the content and meaning of the book.  The Hebrew Bible names the books after the opening phrases – Genesis is known as “In the beginning.”  The Hebrew bible name for Numbers is “In the Wilderness.”  This is a much more helpful name.  The Hebrews have been delivered from Egyptian slavery, but have not yet arrived in the blessed Promised Land.  They are “in the wilderness.”  But they are not only in the wilderness in terms of their location.  They are also in a spiritual wilderness.  Numbers is a book about rebellion and hardheartedness.  Yet it is also a book about the God who remains faithful to his people despite their continued rebellion.  This series will consider life in the wilderness – not only for Israel, but for us as well.