It’s a New Year!

We, the Mt. Pleasant staff, hope you all had wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations!  We thank you for your thoughtful gifts.  As always, your generosity is unbelievable.  The party for Jesus’ birthday was so much fun.  We have some pictures to share with you.  Some of the children dressed in costume and posed in the “Stable”. We will get those printed and distributed as soon as possible.

This month we will be learning about the letters I, J, K, L and M.   Our Luau will be on January 23rd. We will do our best to chase away the winter blues by playing fun games, hula dancing, eating tropical food and wearing leis.  Maybe we will even try to Limbo!

We would like to reschedule the field trip to the nursing homes this month.  We will be making some calls and will give you that information as soon as we complete the plans.

Mt. Pleasant Church hosts a program from February through April that is called “Kid’s Club”  If your child is four years old through fourth grade, he or she may attend.  The club is held on Thursday afternoons beginning at 4:30 and ending at 6:30.  If you want your child to participate, simply fill out a registration form and the childcare staff will sign your child out and escort him or her to “Club”.  This year’s curriculum is entitled “How to Train Your Emotions and Attitudes”.  The activities include, a craft, songs, games, Bible lesson and a snack.  Registration is $5.00 per child and the forms are available in the office.   If more information is needed, please email Holly Garland at [email protected]

We will be conducting our semi-annual child evaluations and updating files beginning in February.  Please be sure to keep your child’s physicals up to date.  We are now required to have immunization records current, so if your child has had a flu shot in addition to his or her annual appointment, please be sure we get documentation.  If you desire not to have your child immunized, we need to have a written reason on file.

We strive to give your children the best care possible, and welcome any suggestions or concerns you may have.  Please do not hesitate to bring them to us, so that we may address them.  Thank you for your confidence in us.