Kingdom: Come!

The Christian faith is a forward-looking faith.  We live in constant expectation.

Our forefathers lived in expectation of God’s decisive intervention in history to undo all the effects of sin.  They longed for the crushing of the serpent’s head, for a prophet like Moses, for the coming of David’s Son, for the child born of a virgin, and for the fulfillment of scores of other prophecies, and foreshadowings.

And in the fullness of time he did come – he came to establish his kingdom and to reign over all of creation.  And now we wait for his coming again.  We look forward to Christ’s return.  And because we know the certainty of that return, we are able to live in confidence, with assurance.  Our King has come!  And our King is coming!

Join us for this sermon series as we consider the coming of our king and savior: Jesus, and all that his coming means for us today.