Little Needs Cupboard

“Take What You Need—Give What You Can”

There is now a “Little Needs Cupboard” on the grounds of Mt. Pleasant Church, Rte. 18, Raccoon Twp.  It is located on the left side of the parking lot at the top of the driveway and is open 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week for everyone to use.

It has been put there for use by our church members, daycare parents and kids, neighbors and friends in the community, and folks just passing by who may need a little something to get through the day.  Please feel free to spread the word and we invite you to use it – “Take a little if you need it; Leave a little if you can.”

Below are some things that you may find in the cupboard as Winter quickly approaches. Use your imagination, but remember to take out or put in small and individual quantities in this cupboard since it is only intended to help with an immediate need.

Some suggested items to put in the cupboard:

Sealed, pre-packaged food items such as boxed macaroni & cheese, boxed rice, packaged noodles, dry soup mixes, peanut butter in plastic jars

Beef jerky, snacks in plastic containers or cellophane such as peanut butter or cheese crackers, cookies, dry fruit, instant oatmeal, single serving cereal boxes

Baby food, diapers, baby wet wipes

Individual rolls of toilet paper, single roll paper towels, small Kleenex boxes

Feminine hygiene products, deodorant, hand sanitizer, band-aids, tooth paste, mouthwash, (no alcohol content), tooth brushes

Christian CD’s, DVD’s, small devotional Christian books and bibles

School supplies (pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks)

Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, or Inspirational Cards


Items that should NOT be put in the cupboard:

Glass jars, canned food, bottled water, fresh food or garden vegetables.  (These items will freeze in the Winter; Can be put in the cupboard in the Summer & Fall)

Outdated or expired food items—also, please scratch out all UPC bar codes with a permanent marker to prevent these items from being returned for cash at some stores

No candles, candy bars, chocolate (anything that will melt when the sun shines on the cupboard or it heats up)

Nothing containing alcohol in it such as mouthwash, no medications

No razor blades or disposable razors; Nothing defensive or offensive