New Sunday Worship Service Schedule

We are pleased to join with you in thanksgiving for God’s blessing on our church by adding to our numbers – those who are being saved, those returning to the faith, those the Lord has led to be part of what the Spirit is doing here. This has created many good problems. It has made it necessary for us to revise our worship schedule to accommodate everyone. Beginning October 31st we will be adding a third worship service. This service will be identical in form and style to our existing Sunday morning service. It will have the same sermon. There will be Children & Worship and nursery available for both.  We’ll just do the whole thing twice.

In addition to providing more room this presents us with some tremendous opportunities. For you this means increased opportunities to serve – we need folks to do every imaginable task and encourage you to actively seek out opportunities to use your gifts in service to our Lord. We are sincere when we say that we view this as an opportunity for growth, not a burden to be borne.

A second real benefit of this is that we have a real opportunity to expand our Sunday School ministry through your involvement. One of the gripes we have heard over the years is a variation on the theme “Sunday Schools is just too stinking early.” Well, you better come up with a new excuse or ( a better option) to come to Sunday School. It is not just for kids (though it certainly is for kids). It is for adults too. And Sunday school hour is now being viewed and planned as a strategic opportunity for congregational fellowship.