November Child Care Events

Are you ready for some cooler weather? We will still be going outside to play when we can, so be sure to dress you child appropriatly.   Please be sure to label the coats, because that will ensure they get placed on the correct child.

We are planning some fun events this month.  We are trying to arrange a visit to some nursing homes with the children.  We will take a gift with us and sing a few songs and follow up with lunch.  Our Thanksgiving Feast will be held on Wednesday, November 27th.  We have a party with lots of fun activities and end with a traditional Thanksgiving day meal.  As always, we encourage any help from all of you on these occations.  Please watch the information board, your child’s mail, or the front desk for more information.  Remember, we will be closed Thanksgiving day as well as Friday following Thanksgiving.

Thank you for taking part in our candle sale.  You all sold 505 Chestnut Hill candles for a profit of $2,525.00.  A special thanks to Aiden York.  He was the top seller and sold 57 candles!  The candles will be delivered before Thanksgiving.  Our profit goes toward our playground equipment and upkeep.  Take a look at the toddler playground when you get a chance.  The improvements of a roof and new turf was all possible because of our two fundraisers.  We sell the Rosalind’s Candy in the spring and the Chestnut Hill Candles in the fall.

Do you know that you can find the childcare menu, facts about the staff, employement opportunities as well as Mt. Pleasant Church information on our website?  Just log on to