Our Little Needs Food Pantry Can Use Some Help!

  “Take What You Need, Give What You Can”

When everyone gives a little, no one has to give a lot!

Our outside “Little Needs Pantry” at Mt. Pleasant has been working well—but now, it needs a little more help since it is getting a lot more use these days. This is usually the time of year it seems to run low and it gets a lot more use. But it’s getting used so much more, especially now, in these hard times with so many unable to work. You can help by keeping it replenished on a regular basis to help meet the needs of our community and neighbors.  If you can help, take a little ride when you can, and drop off a few items if you are able. If it is full, please remember that can change quickly, so if you could check back another time that would be great!

Please do not leave items outside the cupboard that could spoil or attract animals. All food items must be sealed in their original packaging and please—no outdated items! No fresh vegetables or fruit or milk products! Although those items would be nice to give away, they will not keep well in the cupboard and we need to keep everyone safe, especially during these trying times.

Please see below for some suggestions of items that are good to share and in demand.

If you have any questions about the pantry, please feel free to contact any Deacon.

Acceptable items are:

Sealed, prepackaged food items such as boxed macaroni & cheese, boxed or bagged rice, pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned soups, packaged noodles, boxed & dry soup mixes, pancake mix & syrup, peanut butter, beef jerky, fruit snacks in plastic containers, prepackaged peanut butter or cheese crackers, cookies, dry fruit, instant oatmeal packets, single serving cereal boxes.

Small quantities of toilet paper, baby food, diapers, baby & hand wipes, hand sanitizers, single roll paper towels, Kleenex, feminine hygiene products, tooth paste,  tooth brushes, deodorant, liquid or bar soap, mouthwash, (no alcohol content), breath mints, lifesavers.

Christian CD’s, DVD’s, Bibles, small devotional Christian books.

Adult and child coloring books and markers/colored pencils, school supplies (pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks).

Birthday, Anniversary, Sympathy, or Inspirational Cards.

Items that should NOT be put inside the cupboard:

Please!!! NO fresh fruit or vegetables. (They will NOT do well in this cupboard if left overnight or more than a day.)

NO milk or cheese products.

NO Glass jars, bottled water. (These items will freeze in the winter; however, they can be put in the cupboard Spring, Summer and Fall.

NO candles, candy bars, chocolate. (anything that will melt when the sun shines through the cupboard or it heats up during the day.)

Nothing containing alcohol in it such as mouthwash. Absolutely NO medications!

NO razor blades or disposable razors!

Nothing defensive or offensive.

Thank you for helping to keep our Pantry open and blessing many!