Forgive Us Our Debts As We Forgive Our Debtors

The fifth petition is “forgive us our debts.”  A consideration of God and his holiness, will, and kingdom will necessarily make us cognizant of our own sin and need of forgiveness.  We can’t draw near to God without simultaneously recognizing how far we are from him.   Repentance is always the appropriate response to a holy […]

Forgive us Our…Debts? Trespasses? Sins?

Despite an enormous variety of denominational (and non-denominational) bodies, there is remarkable unity around the praying of the Lord’s Prayer.  Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants of all stripes pray this prayer and the prayer is prayed nearly verbatim in all traditions…except for the “forgive us our…” section of the prayer. For some it is “Forgive us […]