Books that Didn’t Make the Cut: 1 Enoch

It’s a difficult thing to write a blog post on a book of the Pseudepigrapha.  One’s head hurts trying to think through the complexities of it: there is what the Old Testament says, then there is the pseudepigraphal work that interprets said OT text, then there is the New Testament interaction with the OT text, […]

Books that Didn’t Make the Cut: The Pseudepigrapha

Marie Antoinette did not actually say, “Let them eat cake.” Nor did she say Qu’ils mangent de la brioche (that’s “let them eat cake” in French). It makes a great story though. Nor did Julius Caesar actually utter the famous Et tu, Brute? According to Plutarch he died in silence, while Suetonius has him asking […]