Worship Wars: Terms of Peace

We’ve considered the tragic nature of the worship wars. We’ve examined this issue from the vantage point of scripture. We’ve also carefully weighed the critiques of praise songs and hymns (and offered sound defense for both). One final post on this topic: Whether hymn or praise song, what makes a good one? If we shouldn’t […]

In Defense of Hymns (And Praise Songs)

It’s maybe a little foolish to seek to intervene between warring parties. Especially when you are trying to mediate the conflict by arguing that both sides are a little bit right but mostly wrong. But if we all shied away from quixotic endeavors, there would be no Quixote. In the last couple posts, we’ve considered […]

Worship Wars and the Bible

To what source can we turn to shine light on how to navigate (or, more preferably, avoid) the worship wars? Do we just go with our gut? What we like? What we think? What we feel? If we really want to know what’s right when it comes to worship, we’d better seek the answers in […]

Worship Wars: Having it Your Way Might Be Exactly What you Don’t Need

I have a friend who pastored the same church for nearly twenty years. It almost did him in. He tried to keep everyone happy (always a losing proposition, of course), but they were un-keep-happible. Highly conflicted. Especially around worship style. “We need contemporary music to reach younger people,” some folks reasonably recognized. OK, so we’ll […]