The Book of the Twelve

A Sunday School taught by Pastor Rich from November 15, 2015 – Feb 7, 2016

The last twelve books of the Old Testament are known as the Minor Prophets. This is an unfortunate name, as for us the term “minor” sometimes means “less important.” They aren’t minor in that they are less important; they are minor in the sense that they are shorter. None of these books is nearly as long as their “major” counterparts. In fact, in the Hebrew Bible the twelve form one book: The Book of the Twelve. They are short, but they are full of lots of great and important truths, truths that matter for how you live. Join us for Sunday School. Let the Minor Prophets become a major part of your spiritual journey.

Hosea              (Un)faithfulness

Joel                  Locust Tongues

Amos               Woe!

Obadiah          Citizens of Misadelphia….

Jonah               Second Chances and Sour Pusses

Micah              No one is Like the Lord!

Nahum            Kick Some Assyria!

Habakkuk        Caution to Complainers

Zephaniah       A Dark Day

Haggai             Put a Ring on it

Zechariah        Donkey Riding and Deliverance

Malachi           Authenticity

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