The Path To The Cross-Adult Sunday School

Path to the cross

Beginning on June 16, Led by Jan Garland, The Path to the Cross (Ray Vander Laan).

The religious and cultural identity of the Jewish people of Jesus’ day was rooted in the Exodus experience.  Jesus often quoted the Torah and identified himself as the prophet and king promised in it.  Thus the desert experiences on which this study will focus provide a better understanding of God’s great redemptive plan and the life and ministry of Jesus.


We will see how the Essenes (Dead Sea Scrolls) and John the Baptist are linked to the desert experiences of Israel’s past.  We will follow Jesus into the desert where he, like Israel, was tested and prepared for his mission to the world.  Finally we will consider the events of the Last Supper and the night of watching in Gethsemane against the backdrop of the exodus story.