New Members Class

Come join our flock!  As believers we are members of Christ’s body. There is one church, the body of Christ, and we are parts of that body. Every part of the body is vital for the function of the whole. There are no unimportant parts. This is true not only for the universal church, but for the local church as well. Every individual brings unique gifts, talents, abilities and experiences that God intends to serve the building up of the whole church family. You are responsible before God for your involvement (or lack thereof) in the life of the local church (See Matt. 25:14-30). And you are privileged to be given the opportunity to join with your fellow believers in a ministry of mutual love and service.

Perhaps the Lord is calling you to take a step of obedience in discipleship and join Mt. Pleasant church. If you want to honor Christ with a life set apart to his honor, if you want to grow in your faith in service and mutual ministry, then come and join us in the amazing work God is doing in our midst. Plan to attend one of our upcoming New Member classes.  Classes are ordinarily offered each spring and fall.  Watch the bulletin for more information.