Sunday School

Sunday Morning, 9:00

Adult classes vary, offering Scripture study and Christian living topics, as well as different learning styles. Adults can also expect each class to be Bible-based and to reinforce memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism in Modern English. All adults from post-High School and beyond are welcome in any class. 

Union Gospel Adult Bible Class — Gathering Room 

Workbook study with Bill Enders 

Union Gospel Curriculum is designed to lead adults ages 26 and up to a deeper knowledge of Bible truths through detailed lesson exposition. These inspirational lessons encourage Scripture study and involvement in the Sunday school material. The class meets year-round and members choose a service opportunity to bless the church or community each year. 

The Life of Samson — Room 121 

Video & discussion with Jan Garland 

A man of incredible physical strength and debilitating moral weakness, Samson was nevertheless God’s instrument to rescue Israel from the Philistines during the era of the judges. In light of these contrasts, we are faced with this key question: What, exactly, are we to make of Samson and his place in the Lord’s purposes? In this series, Dr. W. Robert  Godfrey considers the life of Samson, highlighting vital theological lessons and exploring what this judge tells us about Christian living. 


Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus — Room 123 

Group discussion with rotating facilitators 

In the beginning, the church ate together, traveled together and shared in all facets of life. Centered as they were on Jesus, these seemingly mundane activities took on their own significance in the mission of God. In Slow Church, we’re invited to leave franchise faith behind and enter into the ecology, economy and ethics of the kingdom of God, where people know each other well and love one another as Christ loved the church.