Adult Sunday School Offering: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

Faith is a big deal to us as Christians.  We believe certain truths.  But the term “faith” is often wrongly used against Christians as if to imply that we are somehow embracing faith contrary to reason.  Christians are seen as a bunch of dumb rubes who believe all sorts of nonsensical myths that no modern […]

It’s Unscientific to be Atheistic

Are science and religion enemies?  Many scientists obviously believe so.  Richard Dawkins, one of the famed “new atheists” views belief in God as a delusion (that’s right – you aren’t just wrong or old-fashioned to believe in God, you are deluded!).  It makes no more sense to believe in God than it does to believe […]

Under Pressure, Like David Bowie and Jesus Said

David Bowie teamed up with Queen on the song Under Pressure. Vanilla Ice later ripped that song off and said he didn’t, but that’s another story. Under Pressure. That is the story of the faith. Around the world, and right here in the U.S. of A.   Here are two opposing poles of cultural pressure squeezing […]