Adult Sunday School Offering: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

Faith is a big deal to us as Christians.  We believe certain truths.  But the term “faith” is often wrongly used against Christians as if to imply that we are somehow embracing faith contrary to reason.  Christians are seen as a bunch of dumb rubes who believe all sorts of nonsensical myths that no modern […]

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Sometimes prayer becomes a laundry list.  “God, please help me get this job.  Please heal John’s gout.  Please help Marie with her sciatic pain.  I’d love to have good weather for Sunday’s picnic.  Also…peace on the earth.”  And so on. We all have stuff we’d like to have from God.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with […]

On Atheistic Pastors

As a general rule, I don’t like to write us vs. them type stuff about those under the general umbrella of the Christian faith. I’m an evangelical. I embrace that broad stream of Christianity that includes those of every denomination (and non-denomination) who hold to the gospel (evangel) of Jesus Christ as taught in the […]

The Myth of Science v. Faith, Part 2

Another reason for the perpetuation of the myth that faith and science are somehow at odds relates to the interpretation of the Bible.  This is problem for both science and the church.  It could be boiled down to this: the Bible is misinterpreted to be asserting scientific truth when that is not its intent. One […]

The Myth of Science v. Faith

I love science.  My undergraduate degree is in the Biological Sciences, minor in Chemistry.  I’ve done medical research in my former life (not speaking of reincarnation, but prior vocation).  My wife is a published and oft-cited author once featured in Human Brain Mapping.  I am not the least bit opposed to science…real science that is. […]