Astonishing Secret of Marital Health Revealed!

A marvelous new scientific discovery has unveiled a secret of relevance to most of our population – those who are or will be married. What is the secret you ask? What earth-shattering insight has been garnered that has never before been known to mankind? Some insight from genetics, perhaps? Nope. Some sort of radical new […]

The Myth of Science v. Faith, Part 2

Another reason for the perpetuation of the myth that faith and science are somehow at odds relates to the interpretation of the Bible.  This is problem for both science and the church.  It could be boiled down to this: the Bible is misinterpreted to be asserting scientific truth when that is not its intent. One […]

The Myth of Science v. Faith

I love science.  My undergraduate degree is in the Biological Sciences, minor in Chemistry.  I’ve done medical research in my former life (not speaking of reincarnation, but prior vocation).  My wife is a published and oft-cited author once featured in Human Brain Mapping.  I am not the least bit opposed to science…real science that is. […]