Responding to Covid-19, The Light Always Dawns

Beloved Mt. Pleasant Flock, We face an unusual and difficult moment in the life of our world, our nation, our local community, our families, and our church family as well.  None of us knew a few weeks ago the ways in which a virus that had sprung up halfway around the world would affect all […]

Communication is Key

Studies have shown that if you have 4-6 pre-marital counseling sessions prior to marriage, you are 50% less likely to ultimately divorce. This is a remarkable statistic. Especially when you consider that those pre-marital sessions are conducted by someone like me. Why is pre-marital counseling so important and helpful in laying the groundwork for marital […]

Astonishing Secret of Marital Health Revealed!

A marvelous new scientific discovery has unveiled a secret of relevance to most of our population – those who are or will be married. What is the secret you ask? What earth-shattering insight has been garnered that has never before been known to mankind? Some insight from genetics, perhaps? Nope. Some sort of radical new […]