Communication is Key

Studies have shown that if you have 4-6 pre-marital counseling sessions prior to marriage, you are 50% less likely to ultimately divorce. This is a remarkable statistic. Especially when you consider that those pre-marital sessions are conducted by someone like me. Why is pre-marital counseling so important and helpful in laying the groundwork for marital […]

Practicing the Kindness of Attitudinal Loyalty

In a (brilliantly written) earlier post, I shared a helpful insight that researchers have uncovered that is key to marital happiness: kindness, and this displayed through gracious response in the midst of seemingly insignificant conversation. The same study discovered another way in which kindness is demonstrated in a successful marriage. That is our attitude toward […]

Astonishing Secret of Marital Health Revealed!

A marvelous new scientific discovery has unveiled a secret of relevance to most of our population – those who are or will be married. What is the secret you ask? What earth-shattering insight has been garnered that has never before been known to mankind? Some insight from genetics, perhaps? Nope. Some sort of radical new […]