Breadcrumbs to Follow: Interpreting Historical Narrative

The non-Disneyized versions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales are pretty grim indeed.  Cinderella’s stepsisters?  They actually cut off digits in an effort to make that slipper fit.  “Hey, that glass slipper is full of blood!  You’re not she!”  Worth a shot, I guess.  Snow White?  Remember at the end when the wicked queen is forced to […]

Why it is Wrong for you to be King James Only

This is an insane article to write. It is almost like I’m trying to pick a fight with many members of my own tribe. But one of the benefits of having three older brothers is that you learn not to fear a fight. I’m going to offend many for whom the King James Version is […]

Is It Possible to Understand the Bible?

In my last post I took up the topic of interpretation. We considered the interpretive philosophy of Supreme Court justices as they interpret the US Constitution. Let’s now turn our attention to what is ultimately a more significant task: interpreting the Bible. The Bible is a big book, made up of 66 smaller books, written […]

The Importance of Interpretation

In 1987 there was a giant flap in the United States Senate over the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court. The problem with Bork? He was a self-declared originalist as regards constitutional interpretation. His philosophy of law was that a judge should seek to understand the original intent of the framers of the […]