Translation of What?

Most bible readers have never given much thought to how the book they (hopefully) read and revere came to be. They think not much about translation or the issues related to it, and they think even less about the texts that came to be translated. The time between the writing of a biblical text at […]

Why it is Wrong for you to be King James Only

This is an insane article to write. It is almost like I’m trying to pick a fight with many members of my own tribe. But one of the benefits of having three older brothers is that you learn not to fear a fight. I’m going to offend many for whom the King James Version is […]

What is the best Bible translation?

This is a common question. If I’ve been asked it once, I’ve been asked it a thousand times. A hundred years ago it wouldn’t have been much of a question. The King James Version was then about three hundred years old and held absolute sway in the English speaking world. That ship has sailed, however. […]