Translation of What? The Text of the New Testament

A survey of the Hebrew manuscript tradition behind our Old Testament does much to bolster our confidence in the accuracy and authority of the first two thirds of our Bible. But what about the twenty-seven books of the New Testament? What exactly stands behind our New Testament translations? The New Testament was written in Greek […]

Translation of What? Jots and Tittles

The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew (with a few chapters being written in Aramaic – a cognate language, like Italian to Spanish). But of course we don’t have the scroll upon which Baruch the scribe first wrote down Jeremiah’s words. That document long ago would have crumbled to dust. What we have for […]

Translation of What?

Most bible readers have never given much thought to how the book they (hopefully) read and revere came to be. They think not much about translation or the issues related to it, and they think even less about the texts that came to be translated. The time between the writing of a biblical text at […]